The Perfect Education IV - Secret Basement (Pinku)

Starring Miss International of Japan Hisako Shirata
Country: Japan
Released Date: 2003
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: RMVB | 368M
Directed by: Toshiyuki Mizutani
Writing credits: Based on story by Michiko Matsuda
Pruduction: Shin Yoneyama, Sam Leong, Toji Kato, Toshiaki Nakazawa
Age rating: 18+
Runtime: 111 min

A shy, nerdy man, Takeru finds a schoolgirl hooker Lily is unconscious in a Tokyo park, so he decides to bring her home and lock her up in a secret basement. Although Lily is afraid of him, in fact, Takeru didn't do anything to hurt her. After Lily begins to uncover a shocking episode from Takeru's past, she gradually falls for him and they make love in this secret basement...

The Perfect Education IV - Secret Basement (Pinku)


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