Seduction of Eve (2007) Ep 1

Seduction of Eve (2007) Ep 1

Seduction of Eve / Temptation of Eve is a sexy thriller about the lust and temptation experienced by four women and their victims of love. Seduction of Eve / Temptation of Eve looks to Hollywood's Basic Instinct as its model, creating sensationalism and interest in a genre rarely tackled in the history of Korean film. Despite being aired on cable, one of the drama's four episodes, Episode 3: Her Own Technique, scored ratings comparable to that of a top-rated drama on a major broadcast channel. The main attractions of Temptation of Eve are its sophisticated cinematography, shocking but meticulously created intimate scenes, grisly murder plots, and the complex portrayal of its characters.

Episode 1: Angel
Country: South Korea
Released Date: 2007
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English | Chinese | Vietnamese
Genre: Adult | Drama | Cat III Korean
Video Format | Size: AVI | 717MB

Returning from a steamy excursion with her lover, Hee Ra finds her husband dead in her bedroom. Although Hee Ra has a solid alibi, detective Min Ho's intuition points to the wife as the murderer. In search of evidence, the detective begins to observe her daily routine, but gradually he is spellbound by her irresistible charm. Then another suspect appears, someone from Hee Ra's past, whom Min Ho believes to be the culprit. Seeing the closure of the murder case, Min Ho and Hee Ra become closer than ever. But past secrets reveal themselves, taking Min Ho to the point of no return...



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