Hong Kong cat III movie Evil Instinct (1997)

Evil Instinct (1997)

Director: Chu Wai Kong
Actor: Bowie Lam, Cheung-Ching Mak, Carrie Ng, Diana Pang, Sai-Kit Yung
Other titles : Civil Instinct (HK Title), 极度兽性
Country : Hong Kong
Genre : Adult / Category 3 / Thriller / Hong Kong Cat III
Runtime : 87 minutes

Steamy sex thriller "Evil Instinct" is one of Hong Kong's most successful Category III movies ever. The most watched hotel pay-per-view film in Asia, as well as a substantial box office smash, it combines beautiful women and hot action with a powerful and intriguing story.
Cop Sam Hui gets picked up by two gorgeous women in a bar and ends up having an intense sexual encounter with one. They are interrupted by a phone call from the scene of a grisly murder. The crime is just one of a series, and the investigation leads Sam to an insurance company where the two girls work. Penny (Carrie Ng from "Naked Killer") fascinates him, even when he discovers that the girls are selling sex in return for favors. Meanwhile, Wendy (Pang Dan, one of Category III's hottest new stars) has set out to steal Penny's clients by offering them kinky sex. Penny starts to go off the rails as her clients defect to Wendy, and Sam finds out she is addicted to a weird snake serum drug. When he discovers that all the murder victims have snake DNA in their blood, his suspicions turn to the object of his sexual obsession--but it seems she has the perfect alibi...

Hong Kong cat III movie Evil Instinct (1997)


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