Angel of Darkness 3 (1996)

Angel of Darkness 3 (1996)

Country: Japan
Released Date: 1996
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 739M

Based on the anime bearing the same name, this ANGEL OF DARKNESS is the third of five live action movies that retell the strange and erotic tale of the demon invasion at a Japanese university. After unleashing its fury against the Seika College campers, the Injuu, a sex starved tent***e demon, was seemingly defeated. But having witnessing the devastating aftermath of the Injuu's appetites, Father Tadokoro isn't so convinced this vicious demon is really dead. Determined not to let another innocent young woman become a victim of the demon's beastly desires, he sets off to Showa Central Hospital to check up on the sole survivor of the massacre. When his sloppy investigation alerts the Injuu to his presence, it manages to escape by lashing out at anyone within reach - and that includes playing 'doctor' with hot college professor, Manabe! Back on the streets once more, this hungry demon is ready to feast on human sexual appetites everywhere! But who needs to search the streets when you have an entire campus full of hot women like Fumie and Kaori? Can Father Tadokoro defeat this rampaging sex demon before it claims yet another young vivacious victim? Or will they Fumie and Kaori also fall victim to its insatiable appetite?

Angel of Darkness 3 (Pinku)


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