Hong Kong Cat III Stooges In Hong Kong (1992)

Stooges In Hong Kong (1992)

AKA: Bu wen sao (HK Title)
Year: 1992
Directed: Otto Chan Juk Tiu
Genre: Erotica / Comedy
Runtime 1:22:51
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese
Cast: James Wong Jim, Tommy Wong Kwong Leung, Amy Yip Chi May, Mimi Chu Mi Mi, May Law Koon Lan, Wan Gwong,...

Plot: Stooges in Hong Kong (1992) is a sequel to the Stooges in Tokyo. James Wong stars as a late night talk show host who tells some of the dirtiest jokes and is insanely popular. His show is the biggest rated late night show on television. But all of his credit should go to his mistreated joke writer (Tommy Wong). Instead of paying him the money he truly deserves, James Wong short changes him every chance he can get. His personal life is a mess as well. He has a hot wife (Amy Yip) whom he can't satisfy and no friends. One day Tommy has enough of James' abuse and heads off on his own.

A funny movie that pays homage to The Zucker Brothers and Jim Abrahms (they're named in the final credits) and the blue humor of some of America's raunchiest comedians. Like the first film, James Wong starts out the film with a short act of him telling dirty jokes to the camera (henceforth the Category III rating).

Hong Kong Cat III Stooges In Hong Kong (1992)


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