Another Piece Of Romance (Hong Kong Cat III)

Another Piece Of Romance (1996)

Year: 1996
Directed: Lo Yuen Yeung
Genre: erotic
Runtime 1:22:43
Size: 559.91 MB
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin but it’s mixed in both left and right channels
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Cast: KAM Biu, Charlie CHO Cha-Lei, WOO Fung, CHAN Wing-Chi, CHUN Wong, YEUNG Kuen,...
A Chinese tycoon, Sung, in Thailand has only one grown daughter. He wanted to have a son but he become impotent due to his age. He found out there is a pair of magic yin and yang vases that can cure his impotence. He hired a magician, Lee, to plot to steal the yang vase from another rich Chinese in Thailand, Yang. In the course of the plot, using magic that involve Sung’s virgin daughter, major errors occurred that caused all the wives of Sung’s brothers to plot to cut off their husband’s penises. Lee later found out that the error is because Sung’s daughter is not a virgin, he was furious and try to rape Sung’s daughter…

Another Piece Of Romance (Hong Kong Cat III)


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