Galaxy Dream - Taiwan Cat III

Directed: Benny
Genre: Erotica
Runtime 1:00:09
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: None
Size: 683.68 MB

Cast: Jone, Pin.Lee, Zero, Long Sheng, Aidong,...

Xiao Ling, aspiring superstar, let film director Ah Sea screw her so as to have chance to enter entertainment industry, get to know film boss Old Dragon, let him screw her also, Ah Sea not happy. Want destroy Xiao Ling.

Long Explanation
Xiao Ling has always wanted to be in show business, to become a superstar. Meeting the director - Ah Sea - by coincidence, she started devoting her body to him in order to gain a foothold into the movie industry.

Now that she got herself one foot into the entertainment circle, she realised that the only true person that can bring her fame and fortune is really in the hands of her boss - Old Dragon. So she started using her body again to seduce Old Dragon in exchange for a better tomorrow.

Ah Sea, the jitted lover, now realised that Xiao Ling was making used of him and embarked on a plan to destroy Xiao Ling....

Galaxy Dream - Taiwan Cat III P1
Galaxy Dream - Taiwan Cat III P2
Galaxy Dream - Taiwan Cat III P3
Galaxy Dream - Taiwan Cat III P4


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