Hsu Chi hot, sexy in True Woman (1999)


Aka: 大地女神
Cast: Shu Qi (舒淇)
Language: Music Only
Audio: Dolby Digital
Picture format: NTSC Full Screen
Duration: 52 minutes
Publisher: WideSight

This video montage of the winsomely alluring Shu Qi takes place primarily in a seaside setting. She models in an assortment of colorful bikinis as well as in nothing. An audio track consisting of mellow rhythms and a female vocalist singing mostly in French (there's some English too) plays from beginning to end. The shoot is tastefully done, the vibrant colors of Shu Qi's swimsuits, her lithe form in various poses, and the sparkling sea captivating the eye.

The nudity is Playboy-mild; there are some nice shots of her cute rear and countless more of her breasts. You'll also catch glimpses here and there of her well-trimmed bush, and in chapter 6 you'll be pleasantly surprised to get a quick but close look at her tight nether lips as she does a pirouette (keep your finger on the pause button). As usual she wears a demure expression, though a subtle look of naughtiness deliciously replaces it from time to time.

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