Electrical Girl (Cat III)

Electrical Girl (2001)

Electrical Girl (2001)

Year: 2001
Directed: Bowie Lau
Genre: Comedy / Erotic
Runtime : 89 mins.
Country: Hong Kong
Sophie Ngan Chin Man
Grace Lam Nga Si
Jimmy Wong Shu Kei
Teresa Mak Ka Kei
Kingdom Yuen King Tan
Charlie Cho Cha Lei
Hui Siu Hung
Lam Suet
Lee Siu Kei
Crystal Cheung Yee Tung

Poor Jan Fong (Ngan) has a most unusual problem: whenever she becomes sexually excited, an electrical charge is generated, frying her partner. Swearing off men, Jan now uses light bulbs to stimulate herself (but not florescent — too big). Her new boss, Leo (Jimmy Wong Shu-kei, who has been in almost many C-IIIers as Elvis Tsui Kam-kong and now bears a distracting resemblance to Raymond Wong Pak-ming), seems to be an ideal match for Jan, much to the delight of the other office secretaries (Teresa Mak Kar-kei, Crystal Cheung Yee-tung, and Grace Lam Nga-sze). Leo claims that he does not believe in inter-office fraternization, though he still goes out of his way to spend as much time with Jan as possible.In an effort to cure her rather unique malady, Jan visits a lecherous MD (Charlie Cho Cha-lei, another actor who has been in far too many of these things) who makes love with her, while dressed head-to-foot in rubber and wearing several condoms. His sai lo gets barbecued but Jan discovers a new ability: during orgasm, she can predict the numbers in the Mark Six lottery draw. Her desire for a stud is even more pressing now but Leo keeps turning her down because he is actually impotent. Desperate, Jan gets a job as a club girl but still cannot find the right man. Of course, he is right under her nose all along and just needs a little “electric therapy.”


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