HK Cat III Loving Girl (1999) - Diana Pang Dang

Loving Girl (1999) - Diana Pang Dang

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Adult
Rating: III (Hong Kong)
Theatrical Run: 1999
Subtitles : Hard Eng/Chinese
Runtime : 100min
Resolution :640x480

The story of 'Loving Girl' is about a young girl So Siu-siu. Siu-siu's mom committed suicide when Siu-siu is young. Siu-siu is being taken care by her aunt (Diana PANG Dan) and her uncle (Elvis TSUI Kam-kong) who own a brothel. One day, officer Mang passes through Elvis's brothel and he saw Siu-siu and he would like to take Siu-siu. However, Siu-siu has no interest in Mang. Instead, she falls in love with another officer's nephew. Diana tried to break the relationship between Siu-siu and her 'Dream Lover' by asking him to get permission from his Dad......

HK Cat III Loving Girl (1999) part 1
HK Cat III Loving Girl (1999) part 2


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