Devil Angel - 魔鬼天使 (1995)

Devil Angel - Vivian Hsu (1995)

Gerne: Cat III, Mature, R+, Erotic
IMDB review:
'Devil Angel' is notorious for it's 'Cat III' scenes featuring Vivian Hsu, but there's much more to it than a few sex scenes.
I'm not the greatest at plot descriptions, but since there isn't one here at the IMDB I thought I'd attempt one.
It's a about a young couple who fall deeply in love and swear to be together forever. However, things turn complicated when a beautiful rich woman dying of cancer falls for Vivian's man, and in the couple's need to for money to survive, he relents to become her gigolo.
But is he after her money or is he really falling for her?
I was kept on the edge of my seat by the intense lead performances of Vivian Hsu, Franco Jiang, and Si Man Yeung.
Although this was Vivian's first role she's the real pro, and proves she has talent as well as looks (she's primarily a singer).
I recommend 'Devil Angel', it's quite a poignant film, and I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Hong Kong cat III movie Devil Angel - 魔鬼天使 (1995)


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