Sex For Sale (1974) Cat III

Sex For Sale (1974)

Title : Sex For Sale (1974) Cat.III
Directed: CHEUNG Chang Chak
Genre: Erotic Drama
Runtime: 01:45:34
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English SRT - http://subscene.com/

Cast: SAM Suk Yee, Tina Chin Fei, Chin Han, GOT Dik Wa, AI Ti, Helen KO, Tina KAM Fei, CHIN Han

Synopsis / Plot: In the early 1970s, many martial arts film focused on epic journeys of heroism. At the same time, some directors focused on sexual journeys of desire as evident with "Sex For Sale", an Asian version of "Midnight Cowboy", where Chin Han plays a male model thrust into sexual situations he wasn't prepared for. Joined by a cast of stellar eroticism, like the feline Ai Ti and the alluring Tina Chin Fei, the film broke new ground touching upon issues of homo-sexuality.

HK Cat III Sex For Sale (1974) P1
HK Cat III Sex For Sale (1974) P2
HK Cat III Sex For Sale (1974) P3
HK Cat III Sex For Sale (1974) P4


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