Yu Pui Tsuen II (1987) Cat III

Yu Pui Tsuen II (1987) Cat III Yu Pui Tsuen II (1987) Cat III

AKA: Sex And Zen-Virgin Years
Year: 1987
Directed: Fan Ho
Genre: Erotica
Runtime 1:30:22
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Cast: Yuen-Man Cheng, Chung-Sing Choh, Ying Kiu Chow, Chin Fei Lam, Yueh Sun, Yiu-Fai Tang, Chi Wai Yue

When a young man dreams that he drowns after a night of carnal passion, he asks a buddhist monk to translate the experience for him. The monk replies that the dream is a warning not to indulge the pleasures of the flesh to excess, but the man ignores his advice, marrying a virgin and making love to her constantly. However, after several torrid affairs, the man begins to realise the sagacity of the monk's warning.

Yu Pui Tsuen II (1987)


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