Why Wild Girls - 風塵三女俠 (1994)

風塵三女俠 (1994)李麗珍

Three girls--three roommates--three different personalities. As the young girls struggle to find their individuality they each learn in their own way the meaning of love, life and relationships. [Tai Seng Catalog] Gigi Chan keeps getting drunk and falling asleep in strange men's beds. Easygoing and clownish Bobo supports her aspiring director friend Hung in trying to chat up another friend (possibly Gigi but I couldn't tell for sure), but Hung falls for Bobo instead. Jane Ma takes a shine to a neighbour (Dior Cheng) whose girlfriend (Lee Suet Man) just interviewed her for a job, which she failed to get. Jane/Loletta and her two friends/flatmates (Gigi/Ellen and Bobo/Ivy) spy on Dior Cheng using a telescope, with much loud laughter from the voyeuristic pleasure. Jane takes things further, by planting a bugging device in his apartment, then proceeds to take the place of his girlfriend. She sees it as a game, but will Dior ? Bobo and Hung take awhile to get together, then split over a misunderstanding.

Hong KOng Cat III movie Why Wild Girls - 風塵三女俠 (1994)


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